Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What a Drain

The pulmonary (lung) doctors at Oakwood explained the procedure to remove the fluid from the left lung. A CT scanner was used to find the precise location for the hollow tube to enter my back. The procedure itself wasn't painful as I was sedated. The doctor removed 1 liter of fluid from my chest during the procedure, allowing the remaining amount the drain slowly over time to reduce the risk of my lung collapsing.

I noticed an immediate reduction in the lower back pain on my left side, but I now had a drain (and protective plug) in my upper back that was very uncomfortable. Excess fluid from my left lung would slowly drain into a graduated container.

Deb and I were informed that there was a dark spot on my original chest CT scan that required an abdomen CT scan for verification. The scan was done in the afternoon and the doctors confirmed that a liver biopsy would be required.

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