Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Facing the Beast

I've had 6 CT scans over the past year to track the growth of my cancer. Although I've received the summary reports for each of these scans, none of my doctors had shown me the actual images from the CT scanner. When we met with the radiation oncologists from U of M Hospital they took us through the latest CT scan of my largest tumor in my liver. It was overwhelming to see how large this mass had become. The image below is a cross section of my torso at the stomach (I've labeled things to make it easier to orient the image).

The cancerous mass in my liver is not currently blocking any of the ducts of the liver that effect liver function, but the size of the tumor is putting pressure on other organs like my pancreas and stomach. Hopefully the next round of treatment will reduce the size of this mass.

Thank you so much for your continued encouragement, thoughts, and prayers.