Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

My experience with the clinical trial drug has been positive thus far. I really haven't had any negative side effects to speak of. I have finished the first phase of the trial, requiring me to spend a full day at Karmanos every other week. Now I am taking the drug orally at home every day, which is much more convenient. I won't find out how well this drug is working against the cancer until I get my next set of scans in early February.

A portion of my strength and energy has returned, but I still struggle to get myself moving in the morning. I thank the Lord that He has taken me to where am I now, compared to where I was just 2 months ago. We pray that the scans will reflect this also.

We went up to Port Huron to spend Christmas with my family. We were fortunate to have everyone there. Morgan and Landon were absolutely joyful when they saw the stack of presents under the tree! I was so glad to be able to spend another Christmas with my family, as this really wasn't expected. We always talk about the true value of Christmas. These past two Christmas seasons have given me a new perspective of celebrating the joy of our Savior's birth.

Happy New Year everyone, we wish all of you the best in 2009!