Thursday, December 6, 2007

Some Relief

Early morning, the pulmonary doctor informed me that the fluid had stopped draining from my lung, so the drain could be removed. Although pulling the drain out was painful, there was immediate relief in being able to finally lay on my back without feeling like a rock was in the sheet.

Today I was able to walk out of my room and up and down the hall once. My room is located on the 10th floor of Oakwood. From my hospital bed I only have a 6 inch view of the Michigan sky. The walk to the panoramic windows at the end of the hall gave me a chance to see some part of the outside world that seems so distant at this point.

Since my admission to the hospital I have not been on a scale, but I suspect that I have lost at least 25 lbs from my 220lb frame. My appetite is slowly returning, but I am eating less than 1 full meal a day.


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