Monday, December 3, 2007

Admitted to Oakwood Hospital

On 28-Nov-07 (Wed) I had seen my primary physician regarding an extended bout with a chest cold and new sharp lower back pain on my left side. A chest x-ray did not indicate pneumonia, so I went home to rest and take antibiotics and pain medication. Thursday and Friday were spent at home resting.

By 3-Dec-07 (Mon) my lower back pain condition had progressed to the point were I could no longer go up or down stairs. Moving from my back to the sitting position was extremely painful, particularly in my chest and left lower back. I found the sleeping had to be done in the sitting (well slouching) position. I took my primary physician's advice to go to the ER.

Dad (Nate) drove down from Port Huron to take me to the Oakwood ER, as Deb was in school teaching. We arrived at the ER around 3pm. A CT scan of my chest revealed that I had a significant amount of fluid between the chest cavity and left lung. I was admitted to the hospital around 11pm.

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