Wednesday, December 5, 2007


The first procedure of the day was a Bronchoscopy of my left lung. I don't recall any part of procedure itself, as I was heavily sedated. My pulmonary doctor informed us that there wasn't anything abnormal discovered during the procedure.

Mom came down to spend the day with me at the hospital. The value of having family here for support in such a time can not overstated.

In the early part of the afternoon I was transported back to the CT scanner room for the liver biopsy. This procedure was very similar to the fluid drain on Tuesday, except that the needle was smaller. Three small tissue samples were collected, the entry point was near the lower right side of my sternum. We were told that the lab results for the biopsy would take 1 to 4 business days to complete, which meant anytime between Thursday or Tuesday next week.

Deb and I were learning to adjust to the slow rate of information flow. We were asking as many questions as possible, but in most cases the doctors weren't able to give certain answers due to not having all of the diagnostic data. It was so frustrating being confined to a hospital bed, in pain, and not understanding why...

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