Monday, August 4, 2008

Beginning Week 2

Monday morning we headed downtown for the second week of doses. When we went to check in at 8a.m. there was some mistake because Nate was not in the schedule, we were told to sit down until things were figured out. We waited two hours before they gave us the papers we needed for Nate to go get a pic line put in. Turns out they didn't know we were coming either so they had to add us on. The lady said it would be about a half hour to which Nate and I laughed because we knew it would be much longer. We went and grabbed lunch at Subway then waited three hours before they took him in. By the time we arrived in our room on the 5th floor it was 2:30.

Nate was started on his first dose around 4p.m. and began to feel the side effects early. He had chills and nausea a few hours later so he requested demerol and fell asleep. He skipped his 11p.m. dose so he could sleep through the night which he will most likely do every night. Dr. Flaherty said he was expecting Nate to get about 7 doses this time around since the side effects tend to be much worse during week 2. Nate slept through the night and felt much better in the morning. He started his 2nd dose at 7:45.

By Wednesday last week Nate was feeling much better and was able to resume normal activities. We hope he can bounce back just as quickly next week but have been warned that it could take longer. The kids were scheduled to go with my mom to Grand Rapids to visit with my brother John, his wife Sally, and their three kids until mid week. There was a camping trip that my dad's side of my family takes each year at Gun lake. We were of course not planning on going but with Nate feeling fine we decided last minute that I would take the kids over to the campground Saturday evening, spend the night in our tent and then leave them with John and Sally on Sunday. We had so much fun camping I am very glad I was able to do that with them and to visit with my extended family.
While I was gone Nate was feeling well enough to go golfing with our friend Mike. He ended up getting a 90 on 18 holes which he said was his best ever. After golfing they went out for dinner and watched a movie!


Nancy and Ben said...

Deb, it was so great to spend time with you and the kids over the weekend. Nate, we missed you while you were "showing off" on the golf course :). Glad to hear that you were feeling so well. We will pray for a quick recovery from this week's treatment.

Sally said...

Dear Deb and Nate,

We're glad you could come to the camping trip with the kids, Deb. I am glad you were feeling so well that you could have fun golfing, Nate. Mogan and Landon are doing great! We are glad to have the opportunity to get to know them better. They are both creative and imaginative and can keep busy playing. One funny thing is that we were eating dinner last night and I gave Landon some cantalope. He looked at it and said to Morgan, "Do we like this?" She looked and said, "No", so he said, "We don't like that." He decides plenty of other things on his own, but I thought that was a cute moment. We enjoy having them here. We are thinking of you and praying for you.