Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3 Doses Complete-Week 2

Yesterday Nate ended up having to skip the 3pm and 11pm doses due to low blood pressure and poor kidney function. He spent most of the day sleeping only waking for the nurses and visitors. This morning he was feeling better and was back in good enough shape for the 7am dose. Since he's been getting extreme nausea 4 hours after each dose his nausea medication was changed from right before a dose to two hours after. This seemed to work well yesterday so he's glad about that. We are hoping that he can get 4 more doses by Friday night so that would be a good thing to pray for since as of now he's only had 3 doses in three days. The last time he had 6 by Wednesday morning.
Last night we had six men from our church stop by to pray with us. It was wonderful to have them so thank you to those who were here. Nate said he felt like a blanket of peace had covered him during that time.

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William said...

Nate and Deb,

Janie and I have continued to pray for God's mercy for you over these two weeks. We will add your new request to our prayers. Thank you for the updates during this time, its helps to better understand what you are experiencing and allows us to know better how to pray.

It was great to see you and the kids at Cape Cod in July, what a great memory. I will always have the dances of Nate and Grandfather, and Morgan and Landon in my memory - a joyous remembrance.

Love you,

Bill and Janie