Thursday, August 7, 2008

4 Doses Complete/Week 2

Wednesday Nate was able to receive two doses of IL2. He had to skip the 3pm dose due to low blood pressure again. The drug is what lowers his blood pressure which has been mostly below 100/60 and going as low as 80/40. He was extremely lethargic all day with on and off nausea. This morning he was not given the 7am dose either and said he felt like garbage when he woke up. He hasn't eaten anything solid since lunch on Monday but the doctors say that is okay. He mainly drinks a combination of Propell and water. Hopefully he will be able to get 3 more doses by Friday night.


marissa j. van reken said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, Deb. I'm glad he got some doses in, even though it sounds like the side effects must be awful. We're thinking of you this week. Love, Rebecca
P.S. I'm SO SORRY I forgot to send you birthday wishes. (I remembered to send the pictures, but not that- go figure). Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey... sorry I haven't dropped by in awhile. Sometimes I get so focused on my own problems, I lose track of others and things I should be keeping up with and keeping in my prays. Sure sounds like you have had your share of challenges. I am over at my mom's right now and I just read all of your entries to her; we just said a word of prayer. Thank you Deb for filling in for Nate when needed and keeping us up to date. I will try to keep better informed and check back more often. I pray that you kick this thing and are able to come visit soon!

God Bless, Charles aka Chuck from Sarasota.