Monday, August 24, 2009

August Update

In the past few weeks Nate's physical condition has degenerated since the last blog. Due to tumor growth in his abdomen area, an activity like sitting is very difficult. While standing and walking are no longer possible. It is most comfortable now to lay on his back. At this point all focus is on comfort.

Hospice has become more involved in the process to provide medication before the symptoms develop. All nurses continue to work together and demonstrate great compassion by ensuring Nate there is a comfort for any discomfort. Nate has surely won the hearts of his nurses by his good spirits and sense of humor regardless of his circumstance.

Nate's doctors have also been very proactive with medication, giving Nate a variety of options. Today the nurses started a IV line in Nate's arm so Deb can push two different types of pain medication to provide additional pain relief and help with sleeping.

Nate and Deb have had a real sense of peace in this stage of their journey, and are totally relying on the grace of God to get them through each day.

Charley Trask


Future Bulldog said...

Nate and Deb
I continue to pray for peace and strength for both of you!! I pray that Morgan and Landon will cherish and remember all the moments together!

shannon, mom, wife, blogger said...

praying for continued peace. hugs to you all.
the schans family

Carol said...

I hope you guys have enjoyed the kids birthday(s)! As always, hoping and praying for you.

Salome Ellen said...

Prayers continue.

HannahJoy said...

In my thoughts and prayers.

-Hannah Joy Root

Anonymous said...

Nate and Family~
You continue to remain in my thoughts and prayers. May God continue to provide you comfort and peace!
Brianna Davis

Kari said...

"You have fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept your eyes on the goal..." May God hold you all in the palm of His hand during this most difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Love you guys. Thanks for the update. Our family is praying for you.

-Rachel T.

Cheryl Collins said...

From McCook, I'll keep praying for your continued comfort and peace.

Anonymous said...

Wow - it is hard to know what to say - you are in our weekly Bible studies prayers and in mine more that that. I just called your number - I wasn't sure if you were able to take calls - you have certainly been strong and ARE strong - I see you have a lot of friends who love you. STAY STRONG!

Blessings to you and your family,
Charles aka Chuck in Sarasota

Anonymous said...

Nate and Deb,
We continue to carry you and your family in our hearts and prayers. Thank you for allowing us to journey with you through this blog and to see God's mighty work in you.
Love, Casey and Joy Stengel

Anonymous said...

Nate, What do you say to one who is so near to the gates of Heaven? Our associate pastor was trying to explain salvation to his young son. He stood him on the foot of his bed with his back to his dad and said, "Jonathan, spread out your arms and fall back into my arms". His young son was afraid at first and kept wanting to hold onto something or look back to make sure his dad was there. But one day several days later he told his dad he wanted to try it again. So his dad lifted him up onto the foot of the bed and said, "OK, Jonathan, do you know that I am here?" "Yes", replied the boy. Then he said, "Jonathan, do you trust me to catch you?" "Yes" again came the reply. Then his daddy said, "OK, Jonathan, spread out your arms and fall back" This time he did it and he was caught by the strong arms of his dad.
I've thought of that illustration so many times, not only in relation to salvation, but in life situations. Sometimes there's nothing to do except spread our arms and fall back into the strong arms of our loving Father. May you experience His strong loving arms holding you fast.
May God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.
You are loved so much. We hold your precious family in our hearts and our prayers,
Barb and Gary Wiemers

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some story full of wisdom like my mother-in-law, Barbara Irene, but alas, I don't. Instead, just know that we love the Trask family, and we think of you and pray for you often. God Bless you all.
Neal and Amy Randel

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating the blog Chuck. Thank you for being there for Nate and Deb. Nate, we pray for no pain and peace as you touch the finger tips of Jesus. Deb, your grace, patience and love has been so amazing through all of this. Thank you for allowing Ben and I to be in your and Nate's presence last weekend. We love you so much!
nancy and ben

Anonymous said...

Sue Jenni and I have been praying and continue to pray for you, Deb, Morgan and Landon. You are a child of the Most High God and have always demonstrated the love of Jesus and the Spirit of a Conquorer. Please know that you are loved by many, many friend and family members, but most of all by Jesus and his Father.

Bob, Sue and Jenni

Anonymous said...

Nate and Deb,
I thank God for your testimony to His sustaining grace in this sad time. I don't know why this has happened to you, but I have been encouraged by your faith. May the hope of the gospel and the promise of the resurrection be your strength. Blessings on the way home.
Cal Van Reken

Anonymous said...

Nate and Deb~

We continue to pray for your strength during this time.

You both have shown what faith in God can give: strength, patience,and acceptance.

with love, the Blaszak Family

Olga Patricia Serrano Karwoski said...

Praying for continued comfort and peace. We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Nate, Deb, and Family,
It has been many years since both of our family's "McCook days". However, your entire family has always been special to us and to so many others. We only recently read your story. Nate, what an inspiration you are! You and your beautiful family are in our deepest thoughts and prayers and we know you are in God's loving arms.

Al and Kathy Schneider

ruth d. mathis-wisseh said...

Nate and Deb,
I may not know you personally, but just by knowing Charley, I have come to know you too. I am praying for you and your children. It is my hope that God's joy and gentle peace will keep and be with you during these difficulty days.

Ruth Mathis-Wisseh

Gregg said...

Nate, Deb and kids.
My son, Nathan (9) and I were riding in the car the other day. It was one of those rare situations when I had a conversation alone with him not being interupted by his 2 siblings. We discussed life and God's plan. Not being a real student of the bible I gave him my advice that I have lived by since childhood. I told him that "God will not give you more than you can handle". Later that week he found me with tears in my eyes and I admitted to him that work had gotten the best of me that day. He reminded me of the advice I had given him. After a LONG hug, I thanked him for saving me from a wasted day.
I wanted to share this with you because Nate is constantly on my mind and I wonder how he comes up with the strength to stay positive among all of the termoil. The fact is that faith derives from hope. Although, I have not actually spoken to Nate in years, I know that he would be there for me if the roles were reversed. For that I am driven to do the same for those around me in honor of his courage. Prayers reach out to you from Fort Calhoun, Nebraska!!!

Mom Bogdalek said...

Hi Deb and Nate,

Having spent some time with you this last week I noticed how much you show love for each other.

Deb, you are amazing in how well you listen to the doctors and nurses and administer all the meds so Nate feels no pain. Your care for his every need is so evident and you do it with such love and compassion.

But Nate, you also show your love for Deb in so many ways. You have provided her with such good information on how to take care of the car, household affairs, money matters, etc. You have prepared her so well. Thank you for being so thoughtful of her every need as well.

We enjoyed celebrating the twins birthdays this last weekend, and with your whole family there it was comforting. However, we understand your need now to be alone - just the two of you. May God continue to give you His peace through this very difficult and sad time.

Love, Mom Bogdalek

Anonymous said...

I found this site from Scott Beckenhauer an old friend from Indianola, I don't know your family but my family will ad you to our prayers for peace. May God bless and keep each of you.

Cassa and Rick Haney said...

You and your family are in our prayers. May
God's peace and love surround you all.

Mrs B said...

Nate and Deb
You dont know me but your sister Meg does. I am the aunt of Brenda Henrickson Gillen, and my aunt LaVerne Karre lived close to your family in mccook. I want you to know what an inspiration of what a true family truly is in times like these. I also want to thank you for sharing your journey on such a though road for all of you. Your faith is so strong and your words so inspirational. May God truly be with all of you on your paths ahead of you. We keep you in our prayers everyday. And thank you Nate for being a true blessing to all of us here on our home on earth. Until we all meet in heaven may God bless you.
Carolyn Brenning (Culbertson, Ne)

Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to think that this is happening. My heart is breaking, but praying strong. God be with you and your wonderful wife and kids. No eye has seen, no ear has heard. Heal him Father. Sarah Newlon Pearson in StL.

Anonymous said...

Nate and Deb,

My heart and prayers are for you and your family during these tumultous times. I pray that you will be relieved of all pain, and God will bless each and every day with a loving joy that only He can provide.
You have the most adorable children and wife. You know that the first three years are the most important years of a child's life and the development of their character---I know you have done a great job with these precious children, and your influence will live on with them forever.
May God's Holy presence be with you each and every minute.
Nate, I have to tell you that I did a collage of Luke's high school activities for his graduatiom. He looked at all the pictures I had included and said Mom that picture of the longjumper isn't me it is Nate Trask. I really couldn't tell that from a distance it looked like Luke to me. He still has that hung with pride in his office.
Nate you are a wonderful spiritual role model for all that know you.
God Bless
Corky Krizek

dclundblad said...

Good morning Nate, Deb and families,

I shared your blog spot with a pastor from the Bridges Church here in Port Huron the other day, and he is going to play your testimony, Nate, to his congregation. He is doing a sermon series on "Going Home" and felt that your words will powerfully impact many coming to his church who have never before heard the gospel message. Thank you for having the courage to be so honest and vulnerable. Your testimony has impacted many already, and will continue to bring souls into the Kingdom in coming days. May God's peace settle into your hearts and homes this day.

In His love and strength,

Dan Lundblad

Anonymous said...


God continue to bless you and your family in the days ahead. Your testimony brings glory and honor to God. Thank you for sharing your strength. God's Grace is sufficient. May God continue to bless you with His Peace that passes all understanding.

Your sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Nate, Deb, and those beautiful twins
I was sorry to hear about the discomfort of sitting up or walking. I am glad that the nurses and doctors are doing all they can to help with the pain. I am praying for peace and relief from the pain with the meds. Deb you are one in a million. Sherrel L. Adams

Anonymous said...

I too wish to thank you for your inspiring, courageous and Christ centered words through out the months writing on this blog. You have truly inspired me to live my own faith in a different way. I pray you feel the presence of the Lords as he comforts you and draws you home. God bless you Nate and your family as well.

Anonymous said...

I have heard from a friend of the family that Nate passed last evening. Rest in peace my friend.