Sunday, July 27, 2008


Over the past 24 hours Nate has had severe headaches. When he lies down it gets worse so he spent most of the night propped up against the couch. Pain medication gave him a few hours of reprieve in the morning and in the evening but the pain never fully went away. He has also started itching mostly on his back and legs which makes it hard to sleep. He is feeling better otherwise and has been able to resume a normal diet. He did a little research online this afternoon and it turns out the water pill he is taking to get rid of the 10-15lbs of water weight he gained during the week is the probable cause of the headaches. Thankfully Monday morning will be the final water pill.


Grandpa &GrandmaVR said...

Dear Nate and Deb!
What a time of adjustment Nate is going through! We hope it gets better and better as the week goes on.We are comforted by the fact that your doctor understands these changes and that Nate may be home for a short period!
In th meantime, have a happy birthday, Debbie! Your dear husband is home and your kids are around and mother is coming tomorrow, I believe. You are both in our prayers!

Salome Ellen said...

Deb, thank you so much for posting! I'm a member of the Daughters of the King at Grace Church (PH), and Nate has been on our prayer list since he was diagnosed. It's so good to have something more specific to pray than "Please help Nate," even if God is equally involved either way!

Ben and Nancy said...

Good to hear that Nate is feeling well enough to eat. We hope that the headaches will be gone soon. I bet it feels great to just be home again. We pray for comfort and healing during this time at home.
With love,
Nancy, Ben and family