Friday, July 25, 2008

10 doses complete - Week 1

The last day and a half have been much harder. Nate has extreme nausea 4 hours after each dose. He opted to skip the last two 11pm doses in order to have a better night sleep. Last night he didn't sleep well at all even with the skipped dose. Dr. Flaherty came in this morning and said that what he is going through is normal and that his vitals and blood work are all good. He said the last possible dose would be tonight at 11pm. Tomorrow would be for his recovery to return home in the afternoon. The good news is that Nate should bounce back quickly once off treatment.

Nate's mom brought the kids down from Port Huron for a visit around noon. Unfortunately Nate was at his worst and was only able to say Hi and I love you and just a few other things. The kids were wonderful and seemed to understand what was going on. We told them that Daddy was getting medicine that made him feel yucky and sleepy.

Yesterday we had two visitors; Caroline who is our neighbor and is recently in remission from ovarian cancer, and Josh who is a friend from church.


Chris said...

Thanks for all the updates, and a link to the online video - it was very informative! I hope and pray that you get the complete response from the IL-2 treatment.


Olga Patricia Serrano Karwoski said...

Dear Trask Family,

We thank you for the updates. We pray for you daily and are very encouraged by your strength as a family. We will continue to pray for that strength, courage, and for Nate's comfort during treatment.

Much Love,
Olga and Ben

Anonymous said...

I add my thanks for the updates, Deb. I'm checking regularly. Praying for you both off and on through each day. Within a couple of weeks I'll be sending you and members of the family DVD's of the video I took at the Cape, especially the first annual Schoenherr clan talent competition, topped off by the Trask twins' amazing dance. What a week it was.