Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update on Nate

I have been back at work for 3 weeks now. I have had a few days that I have worked a short afternoon, but I'm close to having enough energy to get me through the work week. My overall condition seems to be improving week by week, but I have struggled with aches and pains in my back. The back pain doesn't feel like the lung fluid I had previously.

Our weeks are still busy with BSF, small group, and band practice.

We are taking each day as it comes without taking any future ones for granted. We still have about 3 weeks before we find out the effects of the IL-2 treatment.


Future Bulldog said...

I am happy to hear that you are able to make it to work. I will be praying for you, especially for your upcoming results.

Anonymous said...

Bless you...thanks for the update...we continue to pray and love you...ruth and dave vr

Anonymous said...


Good to see you are doing better.

Wishing you the best.

Luis M

Will said...

Nate & Deb - great seeing you guys last night. I hope I didn't weird you out at all...

Anonymous said...

Hey Nate and famiy - you are still on my mind and in my prayers. We have a group that meets on Tuesday nights that has been praying for you. Great to hear you're back to work. I am anticipating great news on upcoming results.

:) Charles aka Chuck from Sarasota