Monday, September 1, 2008

Back To Work

Nate is doing much better and is returning to work tomorrow! This is perfect timing since tomorrow is also the first day back to school for the kids and me. He is still feeling some fatigue but that's it. We have felt almost normal this past week and have enjoyed our time home with the kids.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nate and Deb,
I was so happy to see that Nate is returning to work! Deb-good luck with your first day back at school tomorrow. You will be great! Nate, enjoy being back at work! You are always in my prayers!


Anonymous said...

Deb and Nate,

Great to learn Nate is back to work. That will help him keep occupied. And Deb is back in school as are the kids. Wonderful. I am so happy for the news. Thanks for the up-date.

Grandfather chas

Anonymous said...

I've been following the site for a while now and I'm glad to see you're battling this like you did with us on the diamond. Keep up the fight, and one day at a time. Thinking of you.
Hollywood aka Alan

Caren Hunter said...

How are your kids liking school? Has your energy level stayed up? We would like to come out and pray with you guys, or just hang out if you are up to it. We have been praying for you regularly, though we haven't been able to get together in a while...