Friday, May 1, 2009

How cancer has influenced my faith

Cancer is not only a physical battle but also an emotional and spiritual journey. Commonly, at diagnosis, cancer patients will ponder why this has happened to them. Many who believe in God will wonder why He would allow such a terrible thing to occur. This often either leads to a resentment of God or spiritual growth in trying to connect closer to Him.

Of course cancer isn't the only cause of pain and suffering that leads to these type of questions and responses. It could be the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one, a difficult relationship with someone close to you, or maybe a financial hardship.

One of the leaders in my church asked me to share how my experience had influenced my relationship with God. A link to my video interview is below.

Nate Trask Interview from John Miller on Vimeo.

Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

Nate,we watched the interview and were once again impacted by your faith. We do not know how someone gets through cancer (with the small c) without Christ (with the big C). You stand as a wonderful example to us all. You remain in our prayers. Love, Casey and Joy Stengel

Anonymous said...

Dear Nate, Thank you for the wonderful testimony reminding us of the great love God has for us and how our lives should be impacted by this belief. We pray for you and your family daily and are grateful for your Christian testimony in spite of your illness. Love,
John and Rosemary Strodtman

Anonymous said...

Hi Brother (in law :-),
Thank you for that video. How powerful to see you stand strong for the truth of Jesus Christ and be the light in the darkness. It is an honor to be your friend and I am humbled by your faithfulness.
Love ya, John

Anonymous said...

I am praying so hard you and your pain!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you Nate. Ruth Lucas

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the interview, Nate. I carry you, Deb, the kids, your family, in my mind and spirit off and on through every day, and hold you in the light of Christ's love and power. Blessings,

Anonymous said...


More waiting down here at Karmanos- but I brought the laptop. Kim and I just watched. Thank You. Kim wants you to know that when she met you, she saw Christ in you. Know that you and yours are in our prayers, please remember us in yours.

Kim & Joe

Anonymous said...

When ever I mention your name at work people ask if I have been to site and just how you are doing. I try to encourage them to go to the site and watch your message (Testimony). Perhaps with this message somone would be led to Christ. It's difficult to see any one in pain especially a brother in Christ. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Gar Flint

Chris said...

Thank you for taking the time to share that Nate -- that was amazing.

Will said...

AmazingNate - thanks for sharing, all of your heart and the perspective that God has blessed you with. I am reminded of Christ's words to his disciples every time I think of you or pray for you... Taken totally out of context, but still offering hope He said, "...But take heart, I have overcome the world"

Let us continue to remember that we are not of this world, and so it is fitting that we should not remain forever here, but return to our heavenly Father - the one who breathed life into us. Let your curse be a blessing, and when the darkness closes in, continue to praise, so the world may know even more the real depths of the love of Christ.