Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First Clinical Trial Ineffective

Deb and I met with my oncologist to discuss the progress of my first phase 1 clinical trial (Pazopanib). The CT scans taken on January 30th showed that the tumors in my left lung and next to my spine increased significantly in size. Interestingly the large tumor in my liver didn't appear to increase in dimension. Unfortunately this clinical trial wasn't effective, so my oncologist will investigate other open clinical trials for me to select from. I have to wait 3 weeks before I can start another trial, in order to ensure that the drug has been removed from my system.

We had hoped that the results were going to be positive, particularly since I have been feeling better the last month or so. I still get fatigued easily and have had problems keeping my weight on (I'm down to 175lbs now), but I've been able to manage my pain with medication. I've also been able to avoid catching a cold or the flu this year, which is amazing since our kids constantly bring bugs home with them from pre-school.

I didn't have any significant negative side-effects from the Pazopanib drug, which made it a nice alternative to the previous chemo and biotherapy treatments. One interesting side-effect of the drug was that the hair on my head, beard, and chest turned blondish-white. My dad and I have even more in common (which mom gets a kick out of). I expect the color will turn darker once the drug gets out of my system.

Our thanks goes out to all who continue to pray, love, and provide for us. We continue to hope that we will find an effective treatment for my cancer.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Nate, but disappointed to hear that the last clinical trial med didn't provide the results that we were all hoping for. Good to hear that there are many more options. You are in our daily prayers. We love you!
Ben and Nancy

Greg Arthur said...


I was excited to reconnect with you through Facebook. I was shocked reading your blog, you and your family have been through so much over the past year.

I had no idea but know that I will be praying for your recovery and healing. I can hear your strong spirit coming through even in your blog and will pray that God will strengthen your spirit and resolve as you fight this incredible battle.

God's Blessing on you Nate!

Carol said...

I'm so sorry this drug wasn't effective. We'll continue to pray and meet with you guys - please let us know how else we can care for you.

Future Bulldog said...

I will continue to pray. If you need anything please let us know!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nate & Deb!
You all are in my prayers.

Hannah Root

Benjamin said...

You both are in my prayers and thoughts everyday. I love you guys. Anything you let us know.

Ben and Jennie

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that we pray for you guys almost daily. Thanks for ll these updates. THey help us to know what to pray for!

Matt 26:42b... may your will be done.

Chris said...

That white hair picture with your dad is great!! That sure is an interesting side effect. :)

Sorry to hear about the trial not working, I continue to hope and pray that God will give you a miracle or give you & your doctors the information you need for a trial that will be effective.

Never give up hope!! With God there is always hope.

Anonymous said...

I continue to pray that your doctors will find the right treatment for you, I can sense your fighting spirit in your writing. You're still the Nat I remember and a fighter!
Kelsie Sather (Cappel)

Anonymous said...


I think of you daily. Sorry to hear that the clinical trial didn't work. Keep fighting and hopefully the correct treatment will be found. Even without the similar hair color, you look like you Dad's kid. Love you like a son.


Aubrey said...

Nate & Deb,
Can you believe its March? Summers almost here. I can almost feel the heat of the sun and hear the waves crashing.. We need to spend some time together in South Haven this summer.
We are keeping your family in our prayers. Hope your strength returns & you feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

Deb and Nate,
We are so sorry that the clinical trial did not succeed. We continue to pray for all of you. We loved the picture of you and your dad, Nate. You are still looking good. Marge has been keeping us informed and her small group prays for you. Love to you all, Casey and Joy

Craig Oakes said...

Hi Nate, Craig here from the UK. Just to let you know that I and the Christophe are following your progress from this side of the pond and rooting for you.. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that the first clinical trial was ineffective. I will pray that anything else you try IS effective. I also pray that you are not in any pain - I know this must be hard. I still believe you can kick this thing and I will be excited to hear when you do. Keep the faith!

Your bud from FL - Charles aka Chuck

Anonymous said...

You are both amazing role models for us all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and lives with us. Love and Prayers