Friday, January 4, 2008

Chemo Treatment Delayed...

I was scheduled to have my first chemotherapy treatment today, but I received information from Karmanos yesterday that my drugs for the clinical trial had not yet been delivered. Due to the holiday season, the drugs were delayed in getting here. I am now currently scheduled for my first chemo treatment on Friday, 11-Jan.

The clinical trial I am enrolled in is in phase 3. This clinical trial is a supplemental drug (taken daily) to the normal chemotherapy infusions every 21 days. Since this study (like all medical drug studies) is double blind, I will have a 50/50 chance of getting the clinical trial drug. The alternative is a placebo pill, which is an inactive look-alike. I won't know which pill I'm getting. My oncologist won't know which pill I'm getting.

My port has healed well over the last couple of days. We have all enjoyed being home as a family this week. Deb returns to teaching on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nate and Debbie,

It is great to be able to read the details of your lives and how you are progressing. I also just figured out that by clicking on the red words there is more information. I enjoyed the sermon on God's will. There are many people praying for you and trusting God for His blessing on your lives.
Love, Marge

Neal said...

Hi Nate,
Jennifer just sent me you blog link. Sorry to say I knew you were in the hospital before the holidays, but I didn't know the whole story. I wanted to let you know that you, Deb and the kids are in my thoughts and prayers.
I was reading your Christmas blog and thought I'd let you know that my wife and I were married at Grace Espiscipal Church in 1996. My mother-in-law has been going there for over 30 years and I think my wife was baptized there. It's a small world. Anyway, stay strong and just know that you've got a lot of people praying for your full and speedy recovery.

Anessa said...

Hey Nate and family. As I read your blog I find myself filled with tears, not of sadness though, but of joy in that it is so obvious to me that the Lord is with you, Deb, and your whole family as you journey through this experience together. The fact that you have a neighbor that is a cancer survivor!!! No coincidence. Also your quote from the book about time slowing and being able to watch be thankful and see evidence of God in every moment, I believe is where God wants all of us to be. He is all around us, in snowman building moments, snow falling moments, and family moments, to name a few. We just have to STOP and realize He is there. Your challenge has forced you, and your family and some friends, to do that. You continue to be in my families prayers. You're on the right track. :) I hope and pray things go well for you on Friday.
Peace be with you.
Anessa Martin